Thursday, December 31, 2009


I meant to sit down and put several hours in on MagnaCarta 2 last night, but after spending a good chunk of the day watching Street Fighter 4 videos on, there was no avoiding jumping online for a while. Street Fighter players can be divided up into three distinct groups: people who have no idea what they are doing, people who can usually not embarrass themselves, and people who actually know how the damn game works. I have been right at the top of the middle group for years, frankly unwilling to put in the time and practice to move up.

Or perhaps it is as good as I will ever get and I just don't want to admit it. Playing one character almost exclusively across several games has ruined my execution for most other characters. For example, I want to learn Rufus, mostly because his ultra can follow up anything. Rufus is, obviously, not a charge character, yet I found my self pinning the stick at down/back when it didn't need to be there. I must unlearn what I have learned, or just go back to chewing on faces and losing to better players.

Guess which one I did.

It was not that bad of a night, I finally made it to G2-C, and felt good enough to turn it off. MagnaCarta 2 is nothing earth shattering. It is, at best, a welcome relief after fighting Dragon Age through to the bitter end. I don't love anything about MagnaCarta, but I don't hate anything either, which is more that I can say for Dragon Age. There will be a Dragon Age review posted tomorrow, suffice to say that I should have played it on the appropriate platform and suffered for my choice. It was a schizophrenic gaming experience, one that I am glad I finished but not entirely sure what I think about.

Forza 3 and Darkest of Days are in the mail. One of these is worth playing.

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