Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At the feet of the master(s).

If you have any, and I mean any, interest in Street Fighter 4, watch this:

Now follow the link and watch the following eight matches, they just get better as they go along. By the final round of the final match I was on the edge of my generic office chair, getting hype with no one wintesses who would understand. Guys at this level aren't even playing the same game as I do. Execution is never a problem; the moves and combos they want are just there when they need them. All effort is instead placed into planning and mind games. What you have just seen is not a video game; it is a chess match with fireballs and yoga.

Sublime. And kudos to Daigo for just taking his loss and looking for the next match.

Three more hours of MagnaCarta 2 and not much has happened. Juto, the protaganist, has lost his memory again, and I am now wandering around in his mind trying to find it. Points for effort, but that is about it. I am beginning to think that I have underestimated the length of this game, because what I thought was the plot wrapping up has just spiraled off into another direction. I did the same thing with the first game: at 40 hours I was getting bored but I decided to finish it. How much longer could it be? At 65 hours (and I was not taking my time) the credits finally rolled. It was no longer beating the game, it was not being beaten by the game. A meaningless victory, but a victory none the less.

I don't like playing more than one game at a time, but I may make an exception for Forza 3. I will never finish all the game has to offer anyway, might as well starting marching to the limits of my ability a bit at a time now instead of all at once later. Less chance of violence.

Plus real drinking and virtual driving is more fun than it should be; I could use some Guiness.

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