Thursday, January 7, 2010

At the finish line.

I checked gamefaqs, because I am past the point of caring about spoilers, and I appear to be in the last area of MagnaCarta 2. There will be a ten minute walk back to buy healing supplies and an area with constantly re-spawning bad guys to deal with (so, so lame) but the final day is coming. If not tonight then tomorrow, and it is about time. A good RGP builds excitement and gets more and more tense towards the end; this one has been dragging for the last five hours, and will likely drag on for three more. Early review: skip it, play Lost Odyssey or wait for Final Fantasy XIII. I can only hope that it pulls out a random final boss like Final Fantasy X, just so I have more to complain about when I write up the review. I'd hate to get all nice and worked up and have to actually give the game a little credit.

Actually, credit will be given to the battle system, as long as the battles are not taking place in cramped hallways that force the camera into the protagonists ass. Proctological exam, the game! Suddenly a limit break sounds much more painful.

Unfortunately, I am now thinking about Cho Aniki.

And I feel dirty.

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