Saturday, January 30, 2010

Changing gears.

I was slamming on the Y button for several seconds after starting Darksiders, with no results, when I realized that Bayonetta may have broken my ability to enjoy adventure games with simple combat. First of all the Y button doesn't do anything right away in Darksiders; X is the attack button. Secondly, there are about three different combinations and the enemies are idiots. Darksiders dodge is much less of a get out of jail free card, though. Bayonetta could dodge colliding planets with a back flip and hip thrust; poor War has to actually dodge in the appropriate direction.

Comparing the two games is completely unfair. I mean, Bayonetta is killing angels and War is killing mostly demons. No similarity there, right? I had read that Darksiders was essentially Zelda in disguise, but I think it is much closer to the Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, and not just because of how angsty the protagonist is. As anorexic as the combat starts out, there is more to unlock, and it is still deeper than anything Link is capable of. The Zelda games are puzzle platformers with fighting elements and Darksiders is a fighting platformer with puzzle elements. (This little bit of self serving semantics prevents me from having to own a Nintendo platform. That, and I think motion control is for ninnys.) I predict it will be an an enjoyable trip through the aftermath of Armageddon, but it will shy away from anything truly disturbing in a religious sense. If you really want to offend some Catholics, wait for Dante's Inferno.

I am looking forward to that game and I know I shouldn't be. It is just God of War with the Greek mythology stripped off and Christian mythology pasted on. I just want to know if they go all the way with it and have Satan frozen in a lake, chewing on the three betrayers. Only one game has ever been so gory that I thought it was too much (Condemned 2 with the bums being tortured in the basement, ew). I wonder if EA has the guts to finish what they started.

On a completely different subject, I just downloaded Genetos, a freeware shooter that looks very interesting. Here's hoping it works on my laptop.

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