Monday, January 18, 2010

Drowning in content.

After around seven hours of driving I have completed roughly 7% of the events available in Forza 3. What's frightening is that the races get longer the further in to career mode I get, with actual endurance races on the not to distant horizon. I will probably never get that far; even now my fingers are beginning to itch for something new to play, and in a stunning change of pace I will be playing something curret. Dark Void is on its way, hopefully arriving before I jump in my car for a six hour drive on Wednesday. More time away from my TV, but since I am not flying the trusty box will most likely me making the trip with me. Here's hoping the TV in my hotel has an HDMI input.

Early reviews have not exactly been steller, but Dark Void comes to us from some of the people behind Mech Assault and Crimson Skies, two of the finest multiplayer games availble on the oXbox, so I still have high hopes. It is a crime that there has been no true sequal to Crimson Skies; the game was almost perfect, at least that is how I remember it. I actually had a chance to play Crimson Skies before its release at a vendor conferance (I used to work for a game retailer that has since been bought out by another game retailer, and the combination is less than the some of its parts, but I digress). Crimson Skies was on display and Microsoft was kind enough to sponser a tournament. Being a veteran of Mech Assualt, I knew how to play: circle the outside of the level looking for targets that had been softened up by another player, then kill them and reap the benefits in health and ammo. Yes, I was a kill stealer, but there is no honor in air piracy, so screw them.

It also helps that I managed to remain sober throughout the evening. Winning the tournament netted me a second oXbox, so it was worth it.

Moving the game from a lan environment to the early days of Xbox live was not a good time, however. There seemed to be lag built in to the game, so much so that it was possible for planes circling one another to actually shoot each other down simultaneously. Hilarious to see from a distance, infurtiating when it happened to you. Eventually it killed the commnity, and since then FASA has be disolved, so Dark Void may be as close as I am going to get.

Speaking of online, I should give racing against actual people a try in Forza 3 before I give up on it. Honestly, I am afraid. The times on the leaderboards seem almost superhuman.

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