Saturday, January 2, 2010


That Dragon Age piece was originally written about 20 or so hours into the game. I finished it at around 45 hours and have no intention of going back. Things did eventually get better, but only because my character got an ability that could one shot most enemies, and even then there were a few battles that took about an hours worth of reloads to get passed. By the time I got to the last dragon my primary tank had up and left, Morrigan had tried to use our little tryst to bring one of the old gods back into the world (that bitch also left when I said no), and I was pretty much tired of the whole thing. Consequently, the final battle saw me drop the difficulty down to casual. I am a little ashamed, expecially after finding out that I could have been summoning help the entire time, but I am glad that it is done.

It turns out that playing it on a console was not the primary reason for my generaly blase feelings about it; Dragon Age simply does not live up what I expected based on the quality of Mass Effect, Never Winter Nights, etc. This is more on the scale of Jade Empire: good compared to everyone else, but not that good for Bioware. If that sounds like an insult, good, it was not meant to be friendly.

I still love you Bioware, just don't screw up Mass Effect 2.

MagnaCarta 2 actually has me guessing about what is going to happen next, plot wise. The game started out with the hero having lost his memory and got more cliched from there, but at least there is some question now about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Relatively complicated for a JRPG. The combat I figured out many hours ago, and while it is not as abusable and the first MagaCarta, it is still rather shallow. Kind of reminds me of Dragon Age: I have little control over what the other members of my party are doing. Only this time I was expecting role playing chewing gum and that it exactly what I got.

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