Sunday, January 3, 2010

Game polio

Saturday nights are great for marathon gaming sessions, mostly because I have nothing else to do and don't have to work on Sunday. There is a downside to four plus hours of not moving, however: game polio. Sitting cross legged for that long leads to legs that simply do not work as they should, which makes last minute bathroom runs much more of an adventure than they should be. Thank goodness for pausable cut scenes, they have saved my dignity on more than one occasion.

MagnaCarta 2 is progressing as expected. There is not much to say about a run of the mill JRPG. It is linear, susceptible to grinding, and emotional manipulative. Lost Odyssey is easily the best of the genre so far this generation, and MagnaCarta 2 is no where near that in terms of quality, but some mediocre stat whoring never did anyone any harm. On the surface it is a very pretty game, running on the Unreal 3 engine is almost a guaranteed way to not be visually offensive. There are problems with textures not loading and some rather jarring pop in when walking through large areas; Gears of War 2 this is not. Some extra love and attention has gone into the character models, which is the polite way of saying that the female characters are on par with Dead or Alive in terms of their attributes.

I can imagine Hitomi being a bit jealous of the princesses hips, but I try not to, and have already said too much.

Street Fighter 4 is on indefinite hiatus. I don't want another stick to fall victim to my frustration. This will last about a week, if past history hold true, and I will be back and my skills will not have improved.

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