Monday, January 25, 2010

In defense of my green friend.

Remember when Street Fighter II fought with Mortal Kombat for your hard earned quarters? If you don't, get off my lawn right now. If you do, then you remember that Mortal Kombat was graphic, but Street Fighter II looked better. There were no palette swaps in Street Fighter II (actually I suppose Ryu and Ken sort of count, but at least they had different sprites). Every character was different, everyone found a favorite, and everyone swore their choice was the best. I distinctly remember seeing Blanka the first time and deciding that he was my guy. I wanted to win with Blanka.

It would take years for that to actually happen.

I played Blanka with limited success for a long time, happy to be the one guy who used him even though I wasn't any good. Capcom vs SNK 2 was the first game that I was actually okay at, mostly because I finally figured out how to cancel a jab into a ball, opening up a whole world of two hit combos. Plus I stopped caring about being cheap and abused his bite. This would follow me to Super Street Fighter II HDR, where I based my whole game around face chewing. It did a lot of damage, pissed people off, had tremendous range, was mashable; a perfect griefing move. HDR Blanka is, in my opinion, the best the beast has ever been.

As of late (in this thread) Blanka has been getting more than a little grief. His hit box is wierd! His balls can abuse lag! He is nothing but down back and annoying! You can't do anything to him on wake up!

Suck it up!

Blanka has no fireball, average health, most of his shenanigans only work once or twice before they can be punished, he can be played defensivly but wheres the fun in that, and his head bite has been so nerfed it is barely worth the time anymore! On the plus side, he rides a whale in his ending. A whale! Ken wishes he could ride a whale, and by that I mean ride Rufus like the bitch he is. He has more chest hair than Zangief, bigger thighs than Chun Li and more balls than anyone else. He kicks ass, is electric, and he loves his momma, how can you resist?

He suits my middle abilty play style just fine. I have never seen a Blanka win a tournament, not that I am good enough to actually attend one; I have found that a well played Ryu is my undoing, and there are a lot of those around. To all those who hate him, play a few games as your nemesis and figure him out, there's a lot more there than down back and random balls.

I assumed that Darksiders would not be arriving today, so I rented Bayonetta. Turns out it did, and now I have to choose between one of the four horseman and a girl with long legs.


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