Saturday, January 16, 2010

Required Viewing

After nearly falling asleep on lap 4 of 5 I decided it was time to turn off Forza for the evening and find something else to do. The game is far from boring, but jumping back into E class cars after tearing through New York in a Shelby Cobra felt like driving my old Prius through the snow: very slow and much less exciting than you would think.

As usual I am several months behind, but I filled the rest of my evening with King of Kong, and it was both amazing and depressing at the same time. Amazing because here are players who have dedicated themselves to being the best in the world at something, and oftentimes succeed only to be one upped by conniving douche bags like Billy Mitchell who have nothing else in their lives to be proud of. On the other hand, there were examples of every old nerd stereotype there is (skinny, greasy, skinny & greasy, fat, fat & greasy, mullets). They have created their own little world as hostile to outsiders as any click they were excluded from in their painful high school years. Without any jocks to keep them in line the nerds are running the place, creating a cadre of middle aged man children who live and breath on the actions of a genleman who needs his ass kicked so much that people should be getting in line to do it.

Behold, douche bag rex.

I am a little jealous. Not of mullet man, mind you, of being the best at something. To know that no one, no one, is better than you at something must be an amazing thing. Of course, until someone better comes along, then it becomes a burden. According to Twin Galaxies, Steve Wiebe (the hero of our story) has once again been passed by the evil Billy Mitchell. Maybe he has gotten over the addiction of being the best and moved on to other things. Maybe he has stopped neglecting his family for hours at a time sitting in front of the Donkey Kong arcade machine in his garage with a camcorder over his shoulder just he case he has a good game. Maybe he has given up the chase.

But I doubt it.

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