Friday, January 8, 2010

Slumming it

MagnaCarta 2 has reached an unremarkable end, showing the same fear of real sacrifice that most forms of media do. Yes, I am one of those people who thought that Wall-E would have been a much better movie if the little robot stayed dead. This need for a meaningless, happy ending is nothing new. Look at Final Fantasy X-2, an entire game based around bringing someone back who wasn't real in the first place, just so Yuna could be a little less depressed. Apparently hot pants and over sized hand guns are just not enough to lift ones mood.

In the spirit of bad games I have decided to forgo Forza 3 for the time being and run though Darkest of Days. Going in, I know it is terrible; I just want to know if it is as terrible as Infernal, which may have been the most terrible game I have finished this generation.

The flat of worst game so far has got to be Fuzion Frenzy 2, not counting Wii shovel-ware. Because really, who does?

0 Day Attack on Planet Earth got a demo play last night as well, and it was not good either. The greatest dual-stick shooter has already been made: Geometry Wars 2, so everything else is playing catch up before a single line of code is written. 0 Day Attack tries to add more variety, with several different kinds of ships to fly around, but it just isn't any fun. Enemies are large but not very detailed; controlling the ship itself is a chore, and it seems to be locked into a multiplayer mode, even if you have no friends to play with. Thank goodness I didn't trust the Squeenix logo and buy it on brand loyalty. Until they release Einhander 2, I will not trust shooters from an RPG company.

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