Friday, January 29, 2010

Spirals in the mind.

I was in a feverish and shaky state when I finished Bayonetta last night. Truly, a mind altered by high temperature is not one that should be exposed to imagery so bizarre, fanciful, and, well, Japanese. As soon as the credits were done I shut everything down and crawled off to bed, only to have my thoughts steadfastly refuse to be silenced. Over and over combinations of images ran through it, some from the game, some much worse, until I was desperate to simply lose consciousness. Perhaps I was asleep the entire time, reliving the countless murders that I had stripper strutted through that evening, paying for my virtual sins. Eventually it ended and I awoke just as tired and sick as when I went to bed. Lesson learned, but soon to be forgotten.

Bayonetta actually got easier as the game went along. I found a few sets of moves that I could pull off on a regular basis, and they worked well enough to get me through. I suspect that this will not work on higher difficulties, there is depth to the combat system that I haven't even touched, depth more on par with Soul Caliber and Virtua Fighter. If time were no object, I would play it again, in spite of my dislike for the main character. Bayonetta's combat would have worked with stick people in an off-white box; it's a shame Sega felt the need to tart it up so much. I am most likely falling into the typical American point of view that sex is bad and violence is OK, but it's what I am used to seeing in games. Even the sex scenes in Mass Effect, Darkwatch, God of War and Dragon Age just felt out of place, but at least they were egregious for only a short amount of time. Bayonetta never stops.

I am actually a little embarrassed that I could so easily rattle off four games with with naughty bits in them. Oh wait, forgot about Indigo Prophecy. Now I am really embarrassed.

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