Monday, January 4, 2010

Stealing from Mega Man.

There are many things that were acceptable in gaming's infancy that simply should not be done anymore. For example, the ending of almost every traditional Mega Man game put you up against a string of reincarnared boss robots. They weren't as tough as the first time because their attacks were unchanged and Mega Man had been pimped by the spoils of their initial defeat, but it really was nothing more than a cheap way to extend the gameplay. This was okay when I was a child and didn't know any better.

MagnaCarta 2 has decided to recycle boss monsters as side missions. If this was new game + I would understand, but it isn't, it is just a way to add a few more minutes to what is shaping up to be a rather short RPG. Most of the boss monsters have no charcater anyway; they literaly drop out of the sky, are given a name, and you are expected to kill them. Nothing more than an over sized random encounter, but it is still annoying to fight them again when there was no reason to fight them in the first place. I have not yet been able to abuse the combat in the same way as the first game, so fights still take effort to win (especially after my only healer has been removed from my party again; I blame the potion vendors conspiracy).

Forza 3 has arrived and I am looking forward to playing it. Forza 2 was a lot of fun until I got to cars that were so overpowered I could no longer keep them on the ground, much less on the track. I never got to the point where I could turn off the racing line either, which is a lot like riding a ten speed with training wheels, but it kept things enjoyable. As usual my queue is backed up, which will see me missing the release of Bayonetta along with a few other January titles. I could probably use a break from video game boobs anyway, so fast cars and terrible shooters will have to do.

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