Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swimming in armor.

My comparison to Soul Reaver was spot on, especially now that annoying bosses have been thrown into the mix. There is nothing quite like dying several times while trying to figure out exactly what you are supposed to do to hurt one. Realistically, this was my fault. It is common video game knowledge that the new weapon picked up in the dungeon will be instrumental in defeating the monster at the end, I just forgot that I had it. It also doesn't help that War's hit box (yes, I have started playing Street Fighter again, and I have not gotten any better) seems to be larger than his actual size. The pattern that I discovered was throw bomb, ignite bomb with the glaive from Krull, dodge angry burning demon. It was a sound plan, but complicated by a janky dodge move, it took much longer than it should have.

Genetos was an incredible way to spend twenty minutes. It is also free, so everyone should go and get it. It's a shmup, so actual skill will be required to get through it, but it will be worth inevitable cramped fingers from playing on the arrow keys of your key board. Gameplay in Genetos evolves through several generations of shooters (Space Invaders, Galaga, Raiden, Panzer Dragoon, Rez, as far as I can tell) and your ship evolves with it. Different weapons are awarded based on how you play; I ended up with a larger bomb because I was less than judicial in their use and ran out, but there are many other possibilities that I have yet to uncover. It gets a little weird and new agey at the end, but no one ever played a shmup for the story. This would have easily have been worth $10 on XBLA, so to get it for free (legitimately) on the PC is just an added bonus.

And it ran on my laptop fine, which means I will be able to mess with it at work.

Not playing Mass Effect 2 while the majority of my friends list is busy ridding the universe of evil and Captain Kirking their way through alien women hurts a little bit. I suppose actually buying it is an option. Who knows when it will actually show up from GameFly.

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