Thursday, January 21, 2010


While walking through an unfamiliar GameStop in an unfamiliar town I stumbled across a tournement edition arcade stick. Sanwa parts, Marvel vs Capcom 2 overlay, the works. As the register monkey made noise about how I was wrong for not liking Demon Souls I stood their looking at it. Leering at it. If it were a woman I would have rightfuly been carted away on the spot for harassment. Twice I returned to the counter just to open the box and look at it. I wanted to open it, her, right there, just to touch the buttons and test the action on the stick. My current arcade stick, my second after destroying the first with a scissors during a fit of street fighter induced rage, felt instantly pedestrian, inadequate. Suddenly all of my problems with poor execution were its fault, not mine for not practicing enough. If only I had this object, I would be better.

The smarter parts of me, the ones that enjoy paying the bills and heating the house, won out, and tomorrow I will leave the great north woods without it. I know that I could get one online at any point, but seeing one in the wild was something that I was not prepared for. Perhaps now it is a good thing that I did not bring my xbox along on this trip. If I had, things might have ended up much differently.

Assuming Dark Void has arrived, I will be putting Forza 3 to bed tomorrow. It deserves one more night's play, but the list is to long to spend any more time on a game whose end is in the hundreds of hours away. If only I didn't need to sleep, I could give the game the time it deserves.

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