Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's it?

I am usually not one to complain about a game being too short. One of my favorite games of last year, Flower, clocked in at under five hours, but it packed more emotional buy in into that five hours than most epic length grind fests could ever dream of. That is not to say that a game being short is always forgivable. Look at Heavenly Sword: it was right on the cusp of moving from bad to good when it ended in the middle of the trasition. Leaving the player wanting more is one thing, but this kind of disappointment left me happy that there wasn't any, and that new ip's don't always spawn endless sequels. Once again, this brings me to Dark Void.

It takes a criminally long time to get a fully functioning jet pack, and when you finally do the controls are far to sluggish to keep up with the enemies being thrown at you. Just as I got used to them (got over them being bad and stuck to hijacking UFO's, actually) the pack was taken away for another boring, derivitave on foot level. I survived it, fought a very out of nowhere dragon boss, and then the game was over. No build up, no tension, just one more jet pack level, the death of Will's love interest, and the credits. The one good thing the game has was underused in favor of things that have been done better by dozens of other games. This hurts; I was expecting more from the remnants of Fasa, instead I am relived that a sequel to Crimson Skies was never made. At least they ruined new ip instead of muddying up an old one that I actually cared about.

Reviews of Forza 3 and Dark Void are forthcoming. I find myself in the odd position of having nothing new to play tonight. Darksiders is on the way, which will allow me to get my goth Zelda on, so tonight will be used for either Torchlight (a dangerous possibility because I do need to go to sleep eventually) or Lego Rock Band and Street Fighter.

Shut up, Lego Rock Band is cool.

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