Saturday, January 9, 2010

What have I done?

Oh wow.

Darkest of Days is worse than Infernal. It is worse than Damnation. It is worse than Turning Point. This may very well be the worst shooter I have played on the XB360. Enemies are almost impossible to distinguish from allies, or even from the rocks and trees they are hiding behind. The plot, in which an agency of time cops (minus Jean Claude, unfortunately) protects the integrity of the time line be resolving civil war battles with rocket powered grenade launchers, is ludicrous. Enemy AI involves either shooting you from behind their cover right through your cover or running straight at you and waiting to be murdered, and when the first wave of mentally handicapped bad guys runs out there are plenty more in the monster closet waiting to appear behind you for no apparent reason. The music and sound effects are a throw back to eight bit days, and not in the nostalgia, rose colored glasses way, in a 'the entire score for a level consists of looping eight bars of music' way.

It is impressive in its awfulness, even for a budget title. Not even the achievements have escaped this taint: there are only thirteen, and one of them is for blowing yourself up with a grenade. Another is for drowning. There are achievements for playing the game poorly.

This game is appalling. I must finish it.

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