Sunday, February 21, 2010

The devil is bored.

As awful as it sounds to say this, the final encounter with Satan was a disappointment. They actually got his look fairly close to what I was expecting, but the scale was not there. Previous encounters, King Minos for example, made me feel small and a little initimidated. Satan should have been imprisoned in a massive lake, frantically trying to free himself with his four wings, freezing himself more firmly in the process. All the pieces are there, but it just feels too small, with the Devil almost looking relaxed in his icy tomb. After the first part of the battle mini-me Lucifer pops out of the big guys stoumach, and after a silly plot twist it just gets less effective. Previous cut scenes had him as a man made of smoke, formless and melevolent. It worked quite well, and it would have made for an interesting battle. Instead, I got an oversized imp with a giant third leg who was a pitchfork away from a childs haloween costume. If you are going to make a game about taking a trip through hell, don't half ass the star of the show.

There is also a blatent sequel tease (in says to be continued as Dante gazes at purgatory). What kind of sisyphean game would that be? Wait, Atlus already made it.

I'm kidding. Or am I?

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