Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forgetting what works.

The Saboteur is not a racing game. The driving it does contain is no match for just about any dedicated title in either the simulation or arcade sub-genres, yet it keeps coming back to it because the main character happens to be a race car driver. If these were optional missions that would be one thing, but I am about to come up to a plot required race that it probably isn't going to let me cheat at. If I was allowed to load the back of all the opposing cars with high explosives, detonating them as they raced beneath grand stands filled with goose steppers, showering the surrounding area with a grotesque mix of innards and pointy helmets, I might forgive it. If it makes me race and win cleanly, things will get ugly, because where's the fun in that? If I wanted to race I would get a hold of Forza again, and even then I would be black flagged on the first lap (if it actually had that feature).

On a whim I checked out the Rock Band store new releases, and my wallet may end up paying the price. For a long time I bought every track that was released, played many of them once, and never looked at them again. After a while my infatuation with the game waned, there were other things to play, and my impluse purchases ground to a halt. It has been a while since I have purchased an album, but the new Megadeath release may push me back to it. Hanger 18 was one of the last songs in Guitar Hero 2, and I remember it being epic in both length and difficulty. I would like to think that I am at least a little better than I was then, so it will be worth it to make a go at it on expert. And if I'm buying one track, why not just grab the whole album to have a little more to play?

Boy, that was a stretch. You know it was a slow day when I have to complain about things I will probably buy and a game that I enjoy all but one aspect of. As a project, I have made it over 40 days writing something down every day and have put up five reviews, which is better than I thought I would do. I do not intend to stop, but coming up with new things on which to bitch is getting more challenging.

I know, I could talk about how the gentlemen who produce Penny Arcade fill me with jealousy so deep and powerful that it's a little scary.

Or not.

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