Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paying for less.

So the race came and went and it was less offensive than I had feared. It did indeed end with an explosion, but most things in the game do, so I don't know what I was worried about. The event itself was really not a race, it was a series of scripted events that took a great deal of pressure off of the poor driving mechanics. New cars would appear on the horizon to pass at specific locations, usually accompanied by plane flyovers or racist ribbing from the commentator. The guy in first place doesn't even show up until the last section of the last lap. This is a completely artificial way to build tension and would be unforgivable if this were actually a game about driving cars fast. Truthfully, I was thankful for the pre-determined shenanigans, it let me get back to strapping dynamite to things sooner than I had hoped.

The end must be fast approaching; everyone save the irishman and two female leads are dead. The Nazis burned down the burlesque house that had served has a hideout for most of the game, which seems more than a little out of character. Perhaps they got tired of arm pit hair. Speaking of burlesque, The Sabotuer has an odd bit of DLC that is worth mentioning. If I had purchased the game it would have included a free code for 'The Midnight Show.' All this does is remove the tassels from the female performers. Yup, DLC bewbs. I of course did not purchase the game, nor I am going to fork over 400 microsoft points for virtual ta-tas, which places this bit of DLC right on the same level as Oblivion's horse armor. Although paying to get less of something, even clothing, seems like an even bigger waste of resources.

Now if there was DLC that replaced the annoying french accents of most of the characters with something less grating I would buy it in a second.

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