Friday, February 5, 2010

Picking on the less fortunate.

The difference in ability between players on Xbox Live and the PC is staggering. I understand that the player base on the PC side is much smaller, but my experience last night has led me to believe that nine out of ten PC Street Fighters use the keyboard to play, perhaps hitting buttons with their feet. My win/loss percentage on the Xbox sits at around 50%. Nothing spectacular, and when I lose it is usually to someone who is playing an entirely different game than I am. I have only put a few days on the PC, mostly because it is much more difficult to find a good game, but I think out of three hours of playing last night I lost around three times. This is not because my Blanka has somehow made the jump from pedestrian to godliness, it is because I was playing people who were terrible. Ken's who would stand there doing quarter circles as soon as they got their ultra, hoping beyond hope that I would walk into the move. A Honda who did nothing but torpedo, even though a blocked torpedo is a guaranteed river run, and I hit him with it every single time. There was a Rufus who did nothing but crouch and jab to counter balls that I wasn't throwing, a Bison who had a pension for random ultras, and a Fuerte who decided to forgo mixups for the same move over and over.

He actually beat me the first time. I figured out a counter too late in the last round, so I found him again and perfected him out of revenge.

And while it was fun to spend an evening winning instead of losing in the finals of championship mode to Ryu's, I didn't learn anything. I think I have gotten pretty good at recognizing one dimensional players and punishing them accordingly (unless I don't have a counter for the one dimension...) but this was silly. By the end of the night I was passing up ranked matches with good connections because I had already fought the person and knew what the outcome would be. I did find a Guile who was pretty good, so I followed him around for a while to practice what has been a bad match up for me. Eventually he succumbed to panic and randomness, which isn't much fun to play against, so I left him alone.

There is a PC tournament tonight being hosted by some PA folks. I need to decide if I am going to attend, and if so I need to find a headset before tonight. These are people who are significantly better than I am; the abuse would be good for me. On the other hand Saboteur and Divinity II are at home waiting to be played, with Bioshock II and Inferno next week, and Mass Effect 2 laughing at me for not playing it. It's just not fair.

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