Saturday, February 20, 2010


Watch this:

Pre-order it here, you know you want to. The Penumbra titles were excellent horror games that made better use of motion based controls than anything I have seen on a console. Plus, it's only $16, you have nothing to lose.

I had prepared myself for all sorts of negative reactions to Dante's Inferno, steeling myself against everything was revulsion to fear to feeling the need to run off to make confession even though I am not Catholic. I was not ready to be underwhelmed. For a game about hell, it actually comes up more than a little short in the shocking department. Combat is better than I hoped, serving as a slightly watered down God of War, but it is less gory or intense than their trailers led me to believe. The Divine Comedy is the basis for almost all modern Christian mythology, shaping what most believers think about when the devil himself is brought up, weather hey are aware if it or not. So far hell looks like a series of scenes rejected from Silent Hill because they weren't frightening crossed with generic lava levels from every platformer, ever.

Granted, I am only a few circles in, so it will hopefully get better (read: worse). I will say that the game is giving equal time to both male and female anatomy. There have been plenty of demon breasts, some with tounges for nipples, but I happen to know that Lucifer's wang is waiting for me at the end. Think about this: it was someones job to animate that.

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