Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A step too far.

Ask most people what their least favorite part of Wind Waker was and you will probably hear 'fishing for triforce pieces at the end of the game.' If they say 'the graphics' thier opinion is of no value and you shouldn't ask them any more questions. This final fetch quest killed any momentum that had been built towards the final confrontation, changing what could have been an emotionally charged last boss fight into an afterthought. Darksiders, while borrowing from everything under the sun, has managed to grab a few things that no game should have, this being the worst. War has gotten all the information that he needs, found out who the bad guy is, that everyone has betrayed him, and managed to keep it quiet to kick ass with the new found knowledge later. Instead of running off and killing things he has to traipse across all the old levels looking for pieces of a sword. Having a flaming horse to ride makes it a little better, but this kind of time sink should either be optional or take place at the beginning of a game, not when things are rolling downhill towards the finale.

I only have three left to dig up, than a boss fight or two, and I will be done. The downside of a game being comprised of the best pieces of better games is that it will be quickly forgotten. Darksiders has apparently disappointed THQ in the sales department, so there will either no sequel or a scaled back one. Take a peek at Xenosaga to know how that will end up. Speaking of Xenosaga, curse Nintendo for buying Monolith. There is a new RPG arriving in the near future that looks an awful lot like a followup to the Xeno games, but it is exclusive to their little system. I didn't buy a Wii for the Silent Hill remake, and I won't buy a Wii for this one, and I understand that it is basically a first party title so I should not have expected anything else...

But it still sucks.

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