Monday, February 15, 2010

That splicer is smart. I hate him.

The first BioShock, for being being as excellent as it was, had one glaring problem: there was no penalty for death. Dying simply bounced you back a few rooms to the most recently passed resurrection tube, or whatever they called it, and you were on your way. I don't necessarily have a problem with removing the death penalty from a game, however by pulling it out you remove most if not all of the danger from the combat and it can actually become a little boring. BioShock's environments and story were more than good enough to make up for not being afraid to fail, so it became a non issue very quickly. BioShock 2, on the other hand, is not as amazing to look at or explore and its superior precursor, and the resurrection-o-matic is still present. At least this time in can be turned off in the menu, though I have no plans to do so because I am noticeably terrible at the game. Splicers are more intelligent this time around which does add back in some of the alleviated tension. They attack in larger groups, make better use of ranged weapons, and are generally capable of killing you in any encounter. On one occasion I had a splicer kill me, then camp outside my tube and wait for me to come out again. I sat there in my enclosure, looking at him looking in at me and just waiting for me to open the door. As soon as I did he killed me, and then waited for it to happen again.

I was being spawn camped but the AI. This would not do. Being a user, I took the appropriate steps, and reloaded a save. Take that!

I am taking the easy way out again and not killing any little girls. Being a big daddy (and being a big wuss) it just doesn't feel appropriate. The best parts of the game so far have been defending a little sister who is busily skewering a corpse for adam from wave after wave of splicers. It is here, when preparing for an ambush you know is coming, that the combat truly shines. There are cameras to hack, mini-turrets to set up in choke points, traps to set, and many other ways to get ready. When they do arrive, the come from all directions, testing defences, then attacking not you, but the creepy yellow eyed succubus you are guarding. They are interesting battles, which is more than I can say for the vast majority of other encounters.

You know, when tommy gun wielding maniacs don't stand outside a glass chamber waiting for me to come out so they can kill me for the third time.

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