Thursday, February 25, 2010

Turning point (not the game...)

I really need to decide if I want to be any good at Street Fighter IV or if I am content being boringly average with one character. After a two week hiatus I played in an online fight night and it should come as no surprise that I played terribly. A very good Chun Li player who I had edged out last time walked all over me. It was ugly and demoralizing. The one bright spot was a clutch boxer victory; of course the same player came back with Ryu and beat me in the next match, so my bad match up remains bad. I know why I do not improve: I don't practice and I have never played the game without the entire internet separating me from my opponent. There is a tournament coming up in Illinois that I would love to go to, mostly just to observe, but I do wonder: if I stopped messing around with games that I know are no good and played Street Fighter at least every other day, would I be any good?

And just as I ask this question I get emails saying that Saw and the Army of Two sequal have shipped. Hello mediocraty. Maybe Super Street Fighter IV and its sped up, Saikyo Blanka will be the motivation I need.

Mass Effect 2 only got about an hour of play last night and it was filled with more planet strip mining. I actually do miss the planet exploration from the first game. Yes, it controlled poorly, but things felt larger and it was fun to run over mechs with a six wheeled tank. I do understand taking the padding out, but this is actually a game I want to take my time with, which is difficult when there aren't that many things to take up the time.

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