Saturday, February 6, 2010

A winner is me.

It turns out that I didn't need a mic for the PA Friday Night Street Fights, so I jumped in. I am quite glad I did, because after several long, hard battles with an excellent Zangief I emerged victorious. I don't think that I was better than he was; on the contrary he beat me to send me to losers bracket in a fight that I wish I had recorded for posterity. My Blanka is tiresome to fight, though, and after having to fight me twice more, it just became too much to bear. In was this battle of attrition that affored me victory.

Still, it is nice to win.

Started Sabotuer after the tournament and was pleasently surprised. I takes far to long to get to the open word, with an unfortunate detour into racing, but once I got there I was hooked. The protagonist, a filthy, drunken Irishman, is like an Altair with less class and more explosives. Sure, revenge is there as a motive, but so is the simple joy of blowing shit up, and there are certainly plent of targets. I am reminded of Crackdown's innumerable pickups; every place I turn there is a sniper tower to blow up, or a spot light to blow up, or an armored car to blow up, and an enemy general to blow up. Somehow, blowing things up never gets old. I enjoyed Mercenaries 2 more than I should have for this very reason, and Sabotuer will scratch the same volitile itch.

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