Friday, March 12, 2010

About what I expected.

Army of Two: The 40th Day is not a game that I expect a great deal from. I played the first game solo, missing the entire point, but it was a reasonable shooter and good while it lasted. The second will also be played all by my lonesome, again missing the point, and what I have seen so far is exactly the same game with slightly better graphics. They are trying to destruction on a massive scale, and in a pre-Uncharted 2 world it would have looked amazing, but after seeing large portions of a building fall apart while I was fighting in it with nary a frame being dropped anything less is no longer surprising. The 40th Day doesn't have the same detail or impact, possibly due it its multi platform focus.

Sometimes I wish I had never played Uncharted 2. In many ways it is the best action game I have ever played, and it has effectively ruined me for anything else. This is of course not fair, but tell that to cynical little bastard who lives inside my head and shits on anything that doesn't live up to his impossible standards. Uncharted 2 did not just raise the bar, it is the bar, and nothing since has come close. It was proof to me that the PS3 really was capable of more than the 360 can do, but only if you take the time and money to do it, and only if the system is your only focus. The coup of Final Fantasy XIII had me briefly confused. On one hand I love achievements, on the other hand I love 1080p cinematics and would feel just slightly wrong playing the game anywhere else. Part tradition, part resolution whore, the choice was unavoidable. If more multi-platform games had this clear of a distinction I would be happy.

Just as long as Sony never makes me log into Home again. Microsoft finally forced me to create an avatar after assigning me a random female one during 1 vs 100, but there is no way I am going into Home to set up a virtual barbie of myself.


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