Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back on task.

I had heard that Mass Effect 2 was only around twenty or so hours from beginning to end. I suppose it could be, if you skipped all of the companion missions and never bothered to explore any planets, which would be missing the entire point. Side missions discovered by scanning solar systems are surprisingly interesting. While most are on the short side they are not just random dungeons with mercs thrown into them; they are just shorter episodes in what already feels like an episodic game. Mass Effect 2 probably could have been metered out a few hours at a time. Every mission is self sufficient with very little back tracking required. Experience is granted not by killing things but by finishing missions. This removes all grinding (beyond mining for raw materials), which keeps things interesting. It is a fine product and I am most impressed; a much better sequel than I am accustomed to being subjected to.

Even so, I am approaching a week and a half on it and am getting a little itchy for a new game. Nerd wanderlust, I suppose. Even the queue of mediocraty I have waiting for me (Saw and Army of Two Two) looks appealing. I will finish the game, of course, it is more than deserving of the attention. It does make me wonder what kind of foul magic was woven in Oblivion that allowed me to dump well over 100 hours into it. By the time I was done I was so attached to my dirty, stinking assassin that his loss by corrupt save prevented me from playing the expansion. This was of course after I had paid for it. I just couldn't see starting over; my character was just how I wanted him. Perhaps this attachment is the only thing missing from Mass Effect 2. I like Shepard, he is noble most of the time, mean when he was to be, and has a weakness for odd colored ladies. He is not, however, my creation. He is just one interesting character in a cast full of other interesting characters, none of which I own.

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