Monday, March 1, 2010

Begrudgingly social.

Super Street Fighter II Hd Remix got a lot of things right. The net code is far superior to anything that came before or has come after (yes, I know BlazBlue is really close, but who plays that?). Its small, almost quaint roster had no filler, with every character being of at least some use, including pink T Hawk and lime Ken. Most importantly there was a functioning lobby system which allowed up to six people into a good old fashioned winner stays, round robin match up. It was helpful to have an audience, both to critique your performance after an ugly ass kicking or as witnesses when you pull something off that no one will believe. For example, the coolest thing I have ever done in any version of Street Fighter came as playing Ryu in HDR. I was about to lose a round to Honda thousand hand slap chip damage. I jump straight up, Honda starts the slap, I landed between hits and dragon punched for the win, and I actually meant to do this. There was screaming, swearing, virtual jumping up and down; we got hype. As much of a hermit as I am, this little bit of interaction made the game more fun and kept me playing much longer than I would have otherwise. I have high hopes for Super Street Fighter IV; this mode is sorely missed and the old HDR crew has mostly disbanded. I don't want to hear about how complex the game is versus the old one, I just want it back and I want it to work, and I know I am not alone.

After a bit of google-ing last night I found that my assumption that there is no romance possible with Tali in Mass Effect 2 was incorrect. Kudos to Bioware, but now I feel a little creepy. Some of what I said was in jest, some not, and now I need to make good on my threats of three digited shenanigans.

It also doesn't help that I have never seen her face and that I have no idea what the universal age of consent is.

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  1. I miss those days. I'm probably getting my stick fixed soon. I'll probably pick up SSF4 too, so hopefully it's as good as HDR was!