Friday, March 26, 2010

The brick time sink.

It's time to take another break from my single player MMO and what better way to do it than by seeing that last terrible Indiana Jones movie get all the respect that it deserves. I like the Lego games because they can be played in very different ways and are still fun. You can just run through them, see the sights, chuckle at the off beat humor, and be done with it in a few days (this is what I do). Or you can spend hours upon hours unlocking every last little figure and vehicle, revisiting old levels ad nasuem in pursuit of that illusive 100% completion. I certainly don't have the time for this, but if I did there would be no shortage of content to keep me busy, and there being unlimited lives to do it in would certianly help. Lego Batman is easily the best that this formula has produced, but Lego Indiana Jones 2 is still pretty good. Each set of levels has its own little hub world, and these hubs have more to do than the previous games. It is not going to win any awards for creativity or presentaion, but how can you look at Lego Mola Ram and not laugh a little?

ha HA!

I rest my case.

PAX east starts today, and I really should have gone. I can make all sorts of excuses (job, family, etc) but it comes down to laziness. I could have afforded the ticket for a weekend pass and a hotel. Driving to Boston from where I am is a bit long, so a plane ticket would have been required. Again, nothing that would have broken me. It was laziness and humbuggery that did me in. Such a trip requires planning and networking, actually talking to people to set things up, something that after work is done I am loathe to engage in. Still, I am ashamed. A great big nerd convention is occurring closer to my house than anything of the sort has for years (GENCON left my town in 2002) and I should have made more of an effort to be there. I can't even blame it on getting old; the goddamn hosts are the same age as me.

A quick note on the lack of reviews of late: As soon as I manage to play something current, I will write one. Perhaps White Knight Chronicles, though I would only be reviewing half of the game.

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