Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Depth of my Psychosis.

A small window into my world:

I am about six months to a year behind on movies that I should/want to see. Netflix is a wonderful thing, but when there is a competition for my time between interactive and non-interactive entertainment, button pushing always wins. Last year, after seeing a few trailers for the Star Trek reboot, I decided that I would never, ever see it, as it was an affront to what Star Trek is, was, and always should be. Then I went out and bought season one of Old Trek and got my space bell bottoms fix. A year later and Star Trek arrived on blue ray after being added to my queue in a moment of weakness or self loathing. I am between games, so last night I decided that it was better than nothing, and made an attempt to watch it. After about twenty minutes, I turned it off.

This is bad, even for me, but watching it made me angry. I was uncontrollably furious at what I was seeing, and I knew it was ridiculous to feel this way, but there was no avoiding it. I don't know what I saw last night, but it was not Star Trek, and hearing them use the names of characters that I grew up with was just wrong. The last thing I saw was Kirk, if that really was his name, hitting on Uhura in a bar. This was after baby Spock kicked some older vulcan kid's ass for saying his mom was a whore. This was also after baby Kirk drove a car off of a cliff while listening to Beastie Boys (note: this is not a knock on Sabotage). This was sci-fi 90210; beautiful people doing beautiful things in the most annoying way possible. To put it another way: we all know that Twilight is bullshit. Vampires do not fucking sparkle. Ever. The Star Trek reboot is the Twilight of sci-fi, and I hate it much more than is healthy.

After turning off the TV in disgust I put my new Sanwa buttons into my arcade stick and tried to funnel my rage into street fighting. It didn't work, but the buttons are nice.

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