Friday, March 5, 2010

A few too many.

The cast of Mass Effect 2 continued to grow right up to the quest based point of no return. It's nice to have a large cast, but the second half of them really get the short end on time. They still have their own quests to do in order to earn their trust, and they are creative characters, but the game is speeding downhill towards the mass relay of doom so fast at that point that I no longer cared about them; they were just more meat to put between me and the Collectors. The last companion, a Geth, is actually counterproductive. It turns out that there is a divide among the Geth: some of them want to kill all organic life and the rest don't really care. This Geth, whom the ship's AI dubs Legion, is the friendly kind. Legion is basically 7 of 9 minus the skin tight suits and with better writing, but he does feel tacked on and therefore expendable. I am right at the start of what I assume is the final push and I have had to divide my team into two pieces with on extra person pulled out for a solo suicide mission. Guess who got sent to his death, giving me a cheap way out of what should have been a difficult decision. I have nothing against Legion, but I really don't care if he lives or dies because there are millions more just like him.

It feels odd to complain about the game having too many characters, especially when they are all as well written as they are, but because there are so many none of them beyond the person you choose to romance gets much attention, and even then it's very little of substance. My teams varied on what I was dealing with: killing geth required Grunt (the Krogan) and Tali (the Quarian object of Shephard's affections). Killing collectors was better with Grunt and Mordin (a Salarian who give rock solid bedroom advice). General mayham runs called for Grunt and Jack (yes, she did find her way back into my team). I don't remember if Wrex was in my team as much as Grunt, but having Grunt around is a must. He serves as mobile cover, does a ton of damage, and has great one liners.

'Look at all those bodies. Is anyone else hungry?'

Yes, he is the opposite of a paragon Shepard and will probably turn on him as soon as the mission is over, but a little tension in a squad never hurt anyone. Mass Effect 2 will most likely end tonight and the wait for the third part will begin shortly there after. If Bioware's stripping down continues, it will be a space dating simulator with dialogue trees. Here's hoping that number three finds a happy medium between the first two.

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