Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm sure it offends someone, but who?

Lego Indiana Jones 2 pulled out a few very good bosses before it was done, much more complicated than I would expect for a game clearly aimed at children (or parents and their kids). For example, the end of The Temple of Doom has Indy and Short Round fighting a giant Kali with Mola Ram riding on her head. Even after I stopped laughing it took a bit to figure out that I had to put of the fire on her toe, send Short Round climbing through her insides to knock Mola Ram off of her head, then pull off her arms one at a time with Indy. This is awfully complex for a game made out of Legos. Travelers Tales has packed a lot of game in here; I am almost want to go back to it and dig around in the hidden areas. Unfortunately, when the game breaks down to finding a Lego man with a book to unlock a door which opens up a new vehicle that costs a million studs to use it in a race that gets one of ten golden something or others, I loose interest. My tolerance for that kind of layered fetch quest is limited to RPG's, and even then I do not enjoy them.


Sunday mornings and afternoons usually find time for a little Street Fighting; even a few rounds keeps the rust off and the fingers limber. Today was limited to about a half hour, which would have be fine, if I hadn't gotten two calls just as a match was starting. Not while I was looking for a match, exactly after both players hit okay and it begins to load. Both times I stood there helpless as poor Blanka was used as combo practice. Neither person would have understood the urgency of the situation, so it was either lie about being on the way to the bathroom or lose.

I should have lied.

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