Thursday, March 18, 2010

Next on the comeback tour.

I am not going to talk about how bad Rogue Warrior is, because it is not the worst shooter I have ever played, it is just terribly derivative and linear. I am not going to talk about how it looks about two years old in spite of coming out recently, how the music is good the first time, then repeats over and over, or about how the silenced pistol (in a possible nod to Halo) is the best weapon in the game and has unlimited ammo. I am not even going to talk about the incredibly filthy language. I am not one to shy away from the occasional f-bomb for emphasis, but they lose their impact when they start coming out at the rate of several minute. What does interest my is how in the world they got Mickey Rourke to voice a grizzeled old navy seal, based on a real life military man who has an extreme talent for exageration. Was this before or after his career was resurrected by The Wrestler? If it was before I can understand; a man has to eat. But after?

'Mickey, this is your agent. Some no name video game developer called and wants you to swear into a micophone for a few hours. The pay? Hookers and blow. You in? Excellent'

Big budget titles are consistantly saddled with third tier voice acting, and this little shooter that went through two developers and still managed to be worse than 90% of the other games out there lands an oscar nominated actor? The crazy thing is he's actually pretty good. If had an actual script to work with, not a list of things that middle school kids think are funny to say all strung together in run on sentences, it would have been really good. I know why this doesn't happen more often. Screen actors want crazy things like being credited and residuals (they have agents), voice actors are content with paying the rent and buying filterless cigarettes. Someone at Bethesda must have a really hot sister (or two) and some good connections.

Or Mickey was just really drunk and thought he was in a movie about impoverished voice actors trying to reclaim their past glory days.

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