Thursday, March 25, 2010

A plot twist?!

No, not really. One or more of the characters in my party may be a bad guy, or they may just be hiding something, or they may just like casting furtive glances back and forth while the protagonist happily mauls monsters like a puppy with a chainsaw. I have come to expect ham fisted story telling from my JRPG's, but I will still give White Knight Chronicles a few points for trying to not be completely obvious about what is going on. Apart from this little bit of party infighting nothing else has really happened. Twice now I have found myself within a few feet of rescuing the princess when the game pulls a Mario and spirits her off to another castle. If the characters stopped talking for just a few seconds after a battle and made a run for her this would never happen, but no, the villians have the nerve to steal the prize while I am leveling up and changing equipment, thus pushing everything forward to the standard climactic final battle.

Why do RPG's alway end with the climax, anyway? Peter Molyneux asked this very same questions when talking about the upcoming Fable 3. While everything the man says should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt, he does have a point. The little follow up bits during the end credits are always fun, so why not let the player control the denouement? This is exactly what the new Fable is going to do. Big boss man will be killed right in the middle of the game, but the game does not end. Instead it follows the character through their delinign years. This should prove interesting, especially after the awful things I did with my Fable 2 character after the game was over. For many, many hours he was a pritine example of a hero. Then, when there was nothing left to do, he took a wife, had a kid, took a mistress, killed the wife, killed the mistress, then when on a rampage when his son was taken away by protective services (I am not making this up). Making this part of the game proper instead of post story sandbox flailing is only a good thing.

But don't trust Molyneux, the whole thing could end up being a Rayman reboot. Which I would be okay with.

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