Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am used to having problems with Xbox 360 consoles. I am on my third one, after having sent two back for repairs and eventually purchasing a new one in spite of my growing concern over their quality. The same was true for the oXbox, the first of which died right after I gave away two new oXbox's that I got for free. Sony, on the other hand, has always been good to me. I understand that this is an extreme rarity, but I ran a launch PS2 from day one all the way to the launch of the PS3, putting more hours on it than was healthy (for me or the hardware). I felt like I was selling an old friend when the time came to let it go, but it's bigger, shinier offspring would serve me just as well, right?

My PS3 sees little use, so I was quite surprised last night when it locked up on me during White Knight Chronicles. Of course this happened forty minutes past the last save point. Forty minutes that had been little more than grinding my way through the obligatory desert area on the way to obligatory desert town. I was sorely tempted to walk away for the evening, but I re-ground my way through with the assistance of a good irish beer and lack of motivation to do anything else. The combat is not great, but it is not terrible either; it is just barely good enough to keep me going to the next area. I have given up on any sort of completionist goals with this game; the online requirement for quests is a big turn off. At this point I just want to see what there is to see, which demotes White Knight Chronicles to the game I play when there is nothing else to play.

Which makes redownloading Torchlight an incredibly poor decision.

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