Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roughly equivalent.

In a moment that was terribly out of character I made my personal avatar in White Knight Chronicles a straight white mage. All he does is heal, buff, de-buff and whack things with a curved stick for minimal damage. I rarely control him directly, as healing really doesn’t need that personal touch, but he does a good job. Once I found out that the quests are either online with strangers or your character all by himself without the help of his party, I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. The quests are balanced for parties of four, so going it alone is already difficult; accomplishing anything with my Ghandi character is just impossible. I understand that they are trying to force people to *gasp* work together, but I would have liked the option to schlep along my AI companions who I have designed to work as a group with me as the healer. I have no plans to actually take anything online at this point, so I am effectively locked out of large portions of the game; if I really wanted that I would load up Guild Wars again and see if my useless assassin from Nightfall was still around.

I am going to have to resort to playing more than one game at a time to get through my list, seeing as I have no idea how long White Knight Chronicles really is and I would like to get to games that are actually good sometime soon. Tonight brings up Rogue Warrior, a shooter that if the reviews are to be believed will rival Darkest of Days in terribleness. Thankfully I just picked up a six pack of Smithwicks with which to celebrate the evening (alone, in my basement). It should make a fine companion for foul mouthed first person man on man action, which is exactly what I would see if I went out to a bar tonight, so I call it even.

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