Monday, March 8, 2010

Saw not bad?

I know, I was surprised as anyone. My first surprise was that the game was published by Konami. While this is by no means a guarantee of any kind it is better than some movie studio self publishing a title, and Konami did put out the most frightening/depressing game of all time. Secondly, the game actually looks pretty good, using the Unreal engine with at least some skill and artistry. Saw is, at its heart, a puzzle game. Grotesque puzzles involving disfigurement, dismemberment, or play old disembowelment are thrown at you with no warning or explanation. Most have an obvious path to a solution, some do not, and at least one had me wandering around the room until that damn puppet showed up on a TV and started making fun of me. I have no knowledge of the movies (in truth, I avoid them because I am terribly squeamish) and I think that might actually help my enjoyment. To me it isn't a Saw game, it is a non-supernatural survival horror title with above average puzzle and the usual shit combat. At least there hasn't been much fighting yet, and setting up shotgun traps is quick and painful.

Speaking of traps, when are we going to get an new Deception? Not this misspelled Trapt nonsense, an honest to goodness Deception 4? That series peaked with the second game; I have never felt more evil than after catapulting an innocent woman across a spike filled room, landing her in a bear trap, dropping a giant flaming rock on her, then sacrificing her soul to a nameless evil. It was delicious, and it could seriously benefit from a high resolution make over. I'd post pictures, but PS1 games have not aged well, and I'm sure it looks better in my foggy, aging memory than it actually was.

Great, now that I said it out loud, it is going to come out on the Wii like the last Fatal Frame game.

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