Monday, March 15, 2010

The Skill Gap.

Disconnectors in Street Fighter drive me crazy. If you are getting beat, take the beating and learn from it, or at the very least don't drop out before the last hit of the last match. Last night I had worked an Able right down to the last hit. He was pretty good, but did not know how to deal with Blanka silliness, so when things started looking dim I got cheap and started to hop over him and throw him from behind. It wasn't graceful, but a win is a win. I had whittled him down to no life, and as usual had gotten far to defensive when going for the last hit, when he landed his ultra. It didn't kill me and I was all set to throw out a ball to chip him to death when he disconnected. Usually I will let this go, as digging up their gamertag takes a whole three button clicks and then I have to dig out my keyboard, but this was pretty blatant, so some shit talking was in order.

'Nice disconnect. Was that a link or did you mash it out?'

I thought this was rather clever, then went on with my evening. About ten minutes later he messaged me back blaming his connection, then asking me what mash it out meant, so I had to explain my rip to him, which made it no longer clever and amusing, it was just dumb. Serves me right for actually interacting with random xbox live-ers beyond fighting wordlessly in the streets.

Speaking of doing what it takes to win, I caught the tail end of a tournament via stream last night. Justin Wong had been knocked into the losers bracket by an amazing Viper. This same Viper then got knocked down by a Balrog, setting up a rematch. Justin stuck to his guns, pulling out Rufus again, and promptly lost the first two matches. I thought I was about to whitness history; aparently Justin almost never loses when Daigo isn't involved. Justin, however, would have none of that, and counterpicked Balrog, stomping his way back for a win from a 0-2 deficit. I was impressed, to say the least. I can barely play one character well enough to not embarass myself, but to have multiple characters at tournament winning level is astounding. Of course, Justin Wong does this for a living, so he has all the time in the world to practice. If I got paid to practice links I might actually take the time to learn them.


  1. I was at Final Round this weekend and got a chance to see Justin Wong demolish some dude in the very first match. Craziest thing I've ever seen. The longest fight lasted about 13 seconds.... Insane. However.... he's a mouth breather, fat and his hair is a little greasy. It definitely took something away from the mystique for me.

    Also.. how do you like the Sanwa buttons?

  2. They are not magical; I still cannot get my electricity to come out regularly, but they are better than what the SE came with. Plus there were only three dollars apiece and were really easy to install.

    About Wong, so you are saying he is the uber-nerd?

  3. What stick did you install them in? Didn't you have a hori ex2?

    I'm on the fence about whether I want to get back in to fighting in the street. My 360 is still broke and sf4 wasn't my cup of tea. Maybe if ssf4 gives me a character that I'll enjoy I might be tempted back into it. A bunch of people at Final Round had TE sticks and they're sexy as hell too.

    Yeah, Wong might be. I overheard him talking to some people and he seemed pretty personable. He just looked funny when he was in full concentration mode during a match.

  4. My original was a Hori ex2, but that one died (I broke it) a while ago. I replaced it with a madcatz se when I rebough SF4 and it was fine until one of my buttons died.

    It's a square gate, which suit me fine, the character I play well needs down back all the time anyway.