Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So tired.

Playing anything was a lost cause last night. I was short on sleep, short on food, recovering from Fosters, and didn't even get to my comfy chair until an hour after my usual time. I need to make a run at finishing White Knight Chronicles, as my interest is also waning. A quick check of gamefaqs shows me much closer to the end than I thought, which means the single portion really is nothing more than an intro to playing online. This actually worked with Guild Wars, but it was much shorter (and a better game). Here it has taken to long and I have fallen into the bad habit of letting my party take care of themselves, so I really cannot see coninuing on to online post play. Even if I had nothing else to play (which never happens) the combat is just not good enough to keep me going.

The Last Rebellion just arrived, a game that I will most likely not play much of. Reviews have been terrible, and a terrible RPG is much more difficult to take than a terrible shooter. It will get an evening or two, but little more, as I am intentionaly re-allocating my time towards actual Street Fighter practice. The Midwest Championchips are coming up in May, and I am putting serious thought to paying $20 to get my ass kicked. It will probably be worth it just for the experience, and I will get to spectate. Being in the great midwest, I have no idea if any of the big names are going to show up, but it is an Evo qualifier, so who knows. The fact that I never play against people in person is a huge disadvantage, but I do not know anyone to play with in person. Most people my age are either uninterested or terrible, and while it is fun to beat on them, I certainly don't improve by doing so.

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