Saturday, March 6, 2010

Technical Difficulties.

After finishing Mass Effect 2 last night (and watching Beowulf, which really wasn't that bad) it was time to dust off the arcade stick and actually play some Street Fighter IV instead of just talking about it. It is not unusual for me to go on an absolute tear if I have been away for around a week, and that is exactly what happened. I had an intense match up with a very good Viper who only lost because he didn't know how to deal with Blanka corner ultras (hint: don't let me know you down in the corner, wake up ultra still loses) followed up by a Blanka mirror match that went right down to the wire as well. It was in the second match that I noticed my heavy punch button not reacting quite the way it should. I dismissed it as rust, but it got worse. I was missing the timing on the river run (DF-FP), something that I never do. After losing to a mediocre Sagat by focusing on hitting the botton as hard as I could instead of, you know, not getting tiger kneed in the face, it was time to investigate. Practice mode proved it, my FP button worked about 25% of the time.


I swapped the dead button out with one of the extra two (never used the 3-kick button anyway) but it still wasn't quite right. My links were shakey as it was, and now they were gone, so it was time for an upgrade. I am not going to run out and drop $150 on a new TE stick. Instead I bought eight new Sanwa buttons from Lizard Lick and am going to pretend to be handy. I do it at work all the time, might as well pretend for myself for once.

Oh, and the ending of Mass Effect 2 was suitable epic. I kept my entire crew alive, which was apparently not as easy as I found it to be. I think it came down to being dedicated to the paragon path and having plenty of conversation options, but sending a Geth to do hacking was definately the right call. Review pending (and unlike Dante's Inferno, this will actually happen).

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