Sunday, March 14, 2010

Too thin.

While I do not expect an excellent story to accompany my ultra-violence, a little narrative to tie things together never hurt anybody. Having audio logs that play back during the game has been a good solution, dating back to System Shock 2, and it is a great way to disseminate information without interrupting when everyone is there for: shooting people in the head. Army of Two Two has these, but you have to go digging two menus deep to find them, which means that I never actually heard any of them. By the time I was done I still had no idea why Taiwan had been bombed back to the stone age, why there were several thousand mercs wandering around the city trying to kill me, and who the refugee from 24 was that had orchestrated the whole thing and supposedly hid a nuclear bomb in the city. The murder simulation was still fun, but there was no reason behind any of it, so when it ended after about six hours of play that was okay.

The actual game was a bit easier this time around. I remember the first Army of Two punishing me for playing it by myself; this one was almost condescending. 'Oh, I see you have no friends, I'll just make this a bit easier for you.' The last level managed to kill me a few times, usually by spawning giant armored shotgun dudes behind me, but it was not worse than the last level of any other shooter. It seems that EA back peddled here. It's not Army of Two anymore, it's Army of One and a pretty good AI companion. At least the game allowed for local co-op, which is a rarity these days.

White Knight Chronicles should arrive tomorrow, which has mediocre reviews, and Rogue Warrior should be coming shortly thereafter. This may be far too much awful to take back to back, so a trip to the local brick and mortar may be in order. Who knows, I may actually purchase a game.

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