Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beginning anew.

As much as it pains me to admit it, maining Blanka is going to do me no favors in Super Street Fighter IV. I will never abandon him, as his style suits by lackluster execution just fine, but I really do need to branch out. Adon holds much interest, mostly because everything he does is gratingly annoying. After watching videos he will be someone I try to learn out of the new crew, but one of the old stand bys may be coming back. Every one got a damage nerf in Super. Everyone except Dhalsim, that is. I really enjoyed Dhalsim in HDR, but his rush down game is completly absent in the IV. It's not really back in Super, as far as I can tell, but the drills should be good for a little more than dodging things now. Some much of Dhalsim's game is just long distance poking followed up by ultra nonsense that his damage being increased by comparison is a huge bonus.

So I spent quite a bit if time with the skinny man in ranked battles last night and this morning. I am avoiding championship for now because taking my terrible Dhalsim into G2-A would not be a good idea. Even still, all the flow chart Kens and scrubby Ryu's (and Sagat's) that I learned how to beat with Blanka are a challenge again. It is amazingly frustrating to know exactly how to beat a someone, just not with the character you happen to be using, and Blanka and Dhalsim has absolutely nothing in common past a slide that goes under fireballs (and Blanka's is much better). I have yet to figure out any of the ultra - teleport combos; hell, I am still trying to learn which of his normals hits at what angle and what is safe and not safe. I quickly learned that sticking a stretchy limb out for no reason is a quick way to get dragon punched. This slower, more conservative play should do be a lot of good. I just hope that yoga fire into super is not as impossible as it feels. My hands just don't move that fast.

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