Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bloody One-upmanship.

I am no stranger to the God of War franchise, the PSP release being the only handheld game that I currently even consider wanting to play. The first two were truly amazing games, not just because of the violence and action, but because the story was not half bad and the environments were huge and well crafted. To put it another way, there doesn't need to be a God of War movie, the games have already done everything that needs to be done. I was understandably dubious about the third installment, wondering how it would be possible to one up smashing someones head in a stone door. For the first hour or so, it didn't; it was just God of War II in a higher resolution, something that I would be an idiot to find issue with. Then the Posiden fight ended and I had to endure a quicktime event of Kratos beating the ever loving shit out of him, only from Posiden's point of view. It was absolutely brutal, right down to things going dark when Kratos either rips out his eyes or crushes his head, I couln't really tell. God of War III is certainly not resting on its laurels, and even a return trip to Hades cannot dull my excitement.

It is also worth noting that God of War III's brief detour into the realm of the dead is better that anything Dante's Inferno had to offer, and that game was all about going to hell.

Rumour has it that the Super Street Fighter 4 release date has been bumped up to Friday, something that I heartily condone. I know that the games are most likely already languishing in the back rooms of GameStops and Best Buys around the country and it kills me. I do not think I will be able to convince anyone to break the date on this big of a game (like I did to Best Buy once with Doom 3, then called Activision to turn them in) so it is up to Capcom now. They already have all of our money, it is just a matter of when they get around to counting it.

Of course, when things like the following sneak through, maybe it needs a little more time in the oven:

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