Monday, April 26, 2010

Cross countered!

A modern tragedy.

I had a few moments after work to stab in the dark and try to obtain a street broken Super Street Fighter IV. My first thought was Target. They have games, but no one buys them there. People who work in their electonics department know nothing about games. The odds were good! And sure enough, on a display just behind the un-manned media counter were copies of the game locked into some bizarre case that was incinvinient to everyone, workers included. The register bicuit found me, asked me if I needed any help. I just pointed at the game and made some gutteral noise about buying it and fighting in the streets. He made a pasing comment about just getting these new, obnoxious displays the night before, then proceded to jam his key in the lock.

Register biscuit called for a supervisor, who was apparently supervising something on the other end of the state. Eventually she arrived, showed the biscuit how to use a key (amazing!) and he was ready to ring me up. My credit card was leaping out of my wallet when he stopped, looked a little embarassed, and confessed that he could not sell the game to me.

'I don't know who put this out, but I can't sell in until tomorrow.'

Register biscuit just made the evolutionary leap to register monkey at the expense of my street fighting. I was too furious to even make a scene.

One more evening of Final Fantasy XIII, which isn't all bad. Everyone complaining that the story is too linear must have never played a Final Fantasy before.

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