Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A drop in the bucket.

A quick look at gamefaqs has brought me to the sad realization that I am less than half way through Final Fantasy XIII. A game should not feel like work, and large sections of this one does; even the combat has become little more than rote repetition of patterns I have discovered. The group hug/reconciliation that I predicted last week happened last night, adding a surprising amount of depth to several characters. Lightning is still a bitch, but she has ratcheted it back from an 11 to around a 5, making her presence slightly more tolerable. Snow apologized for letting Hope's mother die; Hope thanked him for it by trying to kill him. This could have been really interesting, but the arc ended with Hope's father forgiving Snow for being a really powerful doofus. A new character, Fang, was introduced, who has an rather out of place Australian accent, but other than that she reminds me of Payne from X-2, so who am I to complain.

I made the mistake about five hours ago of using up all the upgrade materials I found on the first set of weapons, assuming that they would continue to appear at the same rate. The supply of animal oils and broken circuit boards has since dried up, leaving me with weapons that hit hard but lack any of the status bonuses granted by weapons I have found since. The status effect game is more important that is usual for a Final Fantasy, with buff and de-buffs making or breaking boss battles. It is not quite on the level that Nocturne was (nothing is) but is a welcome level of depth that I may have screwed myself on with my absence of patience. Nothing unmanageable so far, and deaths are graciously glossed over as the game allowed boss battles to be re-attempted with no penalty, so I do not think it will be more than an annoyance. In a game full of them, though, it certainly isn't helping.

RPG break time. God of War III beckons, and who am I to say no to graphic violence and pointless nudity.

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