Saturday, April 10, 2010

If it moves, shoot it.

There is something strangely comforting about shooting things that cannot, for the most part, shoot back at you. After game upon game of jumping from bits of cover to smaller bits if cover lest I get my highly trained but non bullet proof ass shot off by mercs who have nothing better to do than wait for me to stand up and stretch my legs it is nice to have dinosaurs come running out of jungle monster closets intent on nothing more than having me for dinner and getting to me as quickly as possible. There is nothing complicated about Jurassic The Hunted, and that is why I like it so far. As long as no one is talking I am busy re-extincting giant lizards I am fine; it's only when plot is injected that the game moves from passably amusing to mind numbingly stupid. There is something in here about time rifts and Nazi submarines (which is oddly similar to Dark Rift) but I haven't been paying attention. After a few hours of mindless killing I fell off a cliff and was invited into an HDR lobby, so it was time to quit anyway.

It is telling that the game I plan to turn on again this evening is Jurassic and not Final Fantasy XIII. Of course that could also be because I don't want to crawl behind the TV and move my HDMI cable again, but sometimes you are in the mood for drivel, and shooting dinosaurs in the head with automatic rifles delivers. I mean, how many Turok games did they make? And most of those were terrible. Turok II had the cerebral bore, and was the reason I bought the expansion pack for my 64 (screw Donkey Kong and his bizarre hip hop intro, I'll pop heads thank you), but that was the peak of the series.

Note: I just spent ten minutes searching for a picture of Tobias Bruckner from Turok: Evolution. I am not so embarrassed that I have done this, only that I failed terribly in the attempt. I suppose this will do:

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