Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's someone's job.

In the dusty confines of the Gamefly money factory (seriously, why didn't I think of this?) there is a foul troll whose task it is to decide which games get set out when multiple ones are available on a queue. The little notes on availability are meaningless, it is entirely up to this 'person's' will and what kind of day he is having. As an example: I receive texts when things either are returned or ship out. There is no good reason for this, I just thought it was nifty. While on the road, hundreds of miles away from all of my stuff, I get a text stating that Final Fantasy XIII has shipped. This is unexpected, but entirely welcome. Literally five minutes later another text: Jurassic the Hunted has also shipped, a game added because I never really got over the 'ooh, dinosaurs!' stage of my childhood and it has been a while since the last Turok game.

One is good and one is terrible. This should not be a problem, but it will be. When they both arrive I will be torn between a 40ish hour interactive movie that I will enjoy more than I should and a shooter that can be knocked out in two sittings that I should not enjoy but will.

My only hope is to win the lottery tomorrow.

In other news Super 8's are terrible, there was nothing good on HBO, and my man-crush on Hugh Laurie has officially moved on to Mike Rowe. He's dreamy.

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