Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Midpoint confusion.

Final Fantasy XIII has a very clear middle point: a gigantic battle that took me around twenty minutes to slog through (five star time was under 10, and I have no idea how it could have gone that fast). Usually this kind of preview climax comes with some sort of plot revelation. Square has decided to put any sort of real information off even further. All I got was a ‘bad’ guy that I could not kill, who may not actually be a bad guy, who implies that the party are the bad guys, but encourages them to go about their evil business anyway. Final Fantasy XIII has turned into a trip to a high end art museum: I am there for the sites and the sites alone and have stopped trying to assign any meaning to anything.

The excitement for Super Street Fighter VI is excruciating. Many people have been able to obtain early copies now, putting me behind on a game that for all intents and purposes came out today. If I was still considering the pilgrimage to the Midwest Championships this would bother me. Being beaten soundly by Abel and Bison players has cured me of that. I have much to learn before any such event would be worth it, and the first part would be playing with people in person. And aye, there’s rub. I am not in college anymore, I have no real life friends who still make time for videogames, and actually looking for people to play with when I am somewhere in my thirties is liable to get me a starring role on Dateline. (Say no to bro-rape!) It’s a pickle, one that I will cure with mediocre skills and other games.

In what is truly terrible timing, Samurai Showdown Sen shipped out. Playing it will be incredibly painful, and it doesn’t even have Gen An in it.

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