Sunday, April 18, 2010

One man show.

Final Fantasy XIII has boiled down to one character I care about, one I don't know and several more that I just want to go away. This is not a good way to keep people interested for the full length of an epic RPG; it is a good thing that the combat system, once fully opened, is fairly engaging. From what I understand side quests don't become available until one of the final chapters, and even then most of the really interesting ones are post end-game. This will save me a lot of time, as once the story ends I am done. Required griding has always struck me as poor design, and grinding for the simple sake of one last trophy (playing this on the PS3 because it looks better, something that seems to be happening more and more often) is just a waste of time.

As if I haven't gotten enough brooding from Hope, the hopeless teenager that has glommed onto Lighting as a combination mother replacement and drill instructor, God of War III has shipped and will arrive next week. At least this brooding comes with a healthy does of ultra-violence, making it a little easier to ignore. Kratos does need to lighten up a bit, though. He rivals Batman in his 'my family members are DEAD!' schtick. If past experiences hold it will take me about two days to run through it. This means that it will be back to Final Fantasy by the weekend. This also means that Final Fantasy will not be finished by next Tuesday, which could cause a problem. Adon isn't going to jaguar kick people on his own.

I really hope this is a taunt.

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