Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The other woman.

I do have a hobby aside from gaming; shocking, I know. It is unfortunately dependant of both season and weather and requires leaving the house, so it something that I do not get to do very often. Today I have found myself back in the northern reaches of Wisconsin with an afternoon to kill and nothing to do. You know it is bad when you have to drive thirty minutes to find a Subway. Anyway, I was literaly wandering the back roads when I stumbled across an open field overlooking a quaint river. I stopped, checked the wind, and turned off my phone.

Fuck it. I am flying my kite.

And now to attempt to save my manliness. This is not some single line kite that is sent up into the sky and held like a child holding a lolipop that is impossible to lick. This is a two line parafoil quite capable of pulling a grown man off his feet on a good, windy day. Today was unfortunately not one of those days and I spent more time nursing the poor thing back into the wind then being dragged around, but it was still good to get it up in the air for a while. Much to my surprise after about an hour someon else shows up and sends up another kite just down the field from me. It was another dual line, this one with spars in a more traditional triangle shape (mine looks like a rectangular parachute and has no solid parts). It took him a few tries to get it flying, but once he did he was looking good. It was a good loud kite, ripping through the air and getting lots of attention while my parafoil quietly ate up more wind with much less fanfair, crashing much less often (if ever). In the end the wind proved to fickle for him and he packed it up before I did. I took the oppourtunity to sneak over into his spot, which I admit was much better than mine, and attempt to strile up a conversation. Please note that in the past I have found people who fly stunt kites to be of much the same mindset and eager to talk to anyone about their hobby.

'What kind of kite is that?' I knew was it was, but I was unfamiliar with the brand, and I was trying to make small talk.

'...mumble, mumble, mumble...'

'Oh, ok.' and I walked away. Apparently this gentlemen took issue with some out of towner using up his wind. Oh well, I tried, it turns out Xbox Live does not have a total embargo on assholes, it just has the worst ration.

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